AYUSH Package – Ayurvedagram – Banglore Karnataka

Ayurvedagram heritage property located on the outskirts of Bangalore, in the state of Karnataka, amidst 13 acres of lush greenery with 18th and 19th century Kerala cottages dotting the property. I believe if you come here this place will touch you with its gentle magic, and you too will come to love this place of true healing, achieved through authentic Ayurveda treatments and Yoga; deeply spiritual and very peaceful.

Today Ayurvedagram is the most Awarded Ayurveda Resort in the Country with proven track record of providing excellent therapeutic remedies for various ailments such as Stress, Joint diseases, Infertility, Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Paralysis, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Psoriasis, Vertigo, Sinusitis, Rheumatism, Ulcers, Obesity, Substance abuse, post Chemo & radiation health issues & Autoimmune disorders etc.

The Ayurvedagram circle of love: If I were to put Ayurvedagram in a nutshell, it is just like going to your grandmother’s home and relaxing in her loving embrace. The calming energy resonant in this space provides enough opportunity for one to introspect, assess their inherent energy levels and implement corrective measures in their lifestyle and dietary habits under the guidance of the physicians and Yoga teachers. Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences and we have them working in tandem for you to be benefited by the time-tested tenets of both these ancient sciences. The atmosphere here is very calm and relaxed but let me assure you that we take our treatment and diet schedules seriously – because we care for you. From the gardener tending to the lawns to the senior executive who attends to your needs, you can sense the feeling of being totally at home. This comes naturally to us because; our focus is your wellness….naturally.

Ayurvedagram Programs:

We have 3 programs at the ‘Gram now:

  1. 1- The Health Arc:

Every doctor and therapist at AyurvedaGram is adept in Ayurveda and treats specific ailments. Treatment is individually tailored for guests after a detailed examination and diagnosis by the Treating doctor.

Our whole Ayurvedic Health Arc has over 40 Kerala massage therapies, diet, group sessions of yoga, meditation and pranayama, medicines and of course consultations.

It requires that a trained Ayurvedic doctor (and they train for 5 years!) first consults with a guest, figures out what the guest needs and then creates the treatment regime for him/her. 

The Panchkarma

Many people come to us for a Panchkarma. Since you are considering doing a Panchkarma, I am attaching a non- medical write up on this, as also a slightly deeper article on this cornerstone of Ayurvedic interventions. This should help you understand the process a little better.

The process is only awkward for the actual elimination of toxins step (vomiting OR purging OR enema). Even this since it is closely overseen by the doctor simply becomes a medical procedure. If the vasti or enema is administered, this is done by the doctor himself.

There are no side effects to this therapy though of course it must be properly done and the one undergoing the therapy must follow what the doctor says closely (e.g. during the poorvkarma there are prohibitions on activities, on the day of the actual Panchkarma the food and drink patterns must be closely monitored and doctors’ instructions must be followed). After the Panchkarma the doctors prefer if the guest goes straight back home and not into say a vacation or a wedding etc.

There are absolutely no after effects because the elimination- of -toxins step is followed by the paschat karma where particular treatments are used to rebuild the body to a peak condition.

Other intake reasons

Overweight is often one of the unfortunate out come of our sedentary modern life. It is lifestyle related…. needing not only intervention to restore harmony, but a life plan to maintain it. The doctors often do a Panchkarma, have a controlled diet and prescribe treatments like the udwarthanam (powder massages) or an Abhyangam with oils which help burn fat, to help lose weight. The pranayama and yoga asana sessions help a lot as well as do the lifestyle modification counselling the yoga faculty and doctors give. On this program as I said above, people on average lose around 3 kg a week, though I have of course seen huge swings on both sides of this number.

Many come to us for simple rejuvenation. In the strains and tensions of modern life, they lose balance, feel fatigued and depressed, indulge in wrong eating and sleeping patterns, get stressed out and in short, need a relaxing break.

Their blood pressure goes up, they get insomnia, and their blood cholesterol goes awry, in some cases they suffer from diabetes. They need to relax, unwind, de-stress, adopt healthy eating and sleeping patterns and most importantly, understand how to cope with the inevitability of stress. The treatments, detox, yoga, meditation, pranayama, counselling, Sattvic diet and simply the soothing rhythm of Life here among all the natural beauty helps a lot.

We also take on serious chronic cases: rehabilitation after cancer surgery and chemo; fibromyalgia, severe arthritis, autoimmune diseases, stubborn skin issues like psoriasis, chronic sinusitis etc. Many come for our pain management program and I have seen some heart warmingly positive interventions in the case of weak backs, spinal issues, arthritis etc.

We have experienced the power of Ayurveda in some really chronic cases such as a lady from Peru, who was bed ridden with rheumatoid arthritis for 3 years, who came to us for pain management in May 2013, left on 12th October and in September 2013 in a miracle-moment for the ‘Gram actually walked 8 steps!! 

We are not a spa and the central point of a guest’s treatment regime is the doctors consultation which will happen as soon as the guest checks in. This can take upto 1.5 hours and is where the doctor settles what specific regime is needed for the individual’s care.

While, under the Health Arc, group sessions of yoga, meditation and pranayama are provided every day. If during the initial yoga consultation, it is found that your health concern requires a one on one session apart from or along with the regular yoga session, the same will be charged extra.

  1. 2- The Yoga Arc

The Yoga Arc tries to deliver an experience of all 4 arms of Yoga: Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga and Raj Yoga. 

Here the practitioner does not experience the therapies, consults etc. of The Health Arc as part of the Package, though these can of course be availed at extra costs.

The Yoga faculty apart from the 3 daily group sessions of Yoga, meditation and Pranayama, take guests who have come in on the Yoga Arc, into a structured program to experience the Path Of the Yogi.

The Path of the Yogi involves exposure to Yoga Philosophy, chanting, asanas, meditation techniques, healing through breath (pranayama) and therapeutic work through Yoga. The various interventions are scattered over the period of stay.

  1. 3- The Beauty Arc

Ayurveda sees Beauty as a mirror to your physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

At Ayurvedagram as long as no health issues challenge you, we encourage you to care for the beauty you are born with through The Beauty Arc.

This 14 day program offers traditional herbal beauty treatments, some of which were once the preserve of Kerala’s Royal Families. The aim is to rejuvenate tired skin and hair through special cleansing and Ayurvedic beauty rituals.

To experience an example of Ayurvedic beauty rituals read about the Feel Like a Queen Package – The Beauty Arc starts with an individual assessment of beauty needs by the Ayurvedic physician in charge of this program. At the end of the program there will be an exit evaluation.

Every day in the Beauty Treatment Room you will experience 2 refreshing Ayurvedic Beauty Treatments. You will also experience the calming advantages of practicing meditation, pranayama and Shanti Yoga, the gentle Yoga exercises practiced at the ‘Gram.

Home care practices are also taught. These include exercises, diet and simple Ayurvedic beauty care. Advice is given on nutrition and sleep patterns and a simple daily care routine set. This enables the guest to maintain the level reached at the ‘Gram.


The Heart of Ayurvedagram is our treatment center, ‘Sanjeevini’, with 10 treatment relaxation rooms, 8 with attached steam bath chambers, separate rooms for women and men following the traditional principles of Ayurveda. Additionally, there are two semi-outdoor silent zones above an optimally equipped fitness room; a 1000 sq. ft. Yoga hall with an adjoining lawn, and a traditional cosmetic studio. Other recreation comprises volleyball, badminton, table tennis and a selection of domestic fauna such as geese and guinea fowl, rabbits, turtles and our beloved dogs, Sasha, Rover and Tyson.

In the true spirit of Ayurveda we do not allow alcohol on the property, nor encourage smoking.

Our restaurant ‘Suruchi’, serves well planned, pure vegetarian meals and the menu extends to cover both Indian and western cuisines. As per Ayurvedic guidelines, these preparations are usually low to mild spice, low on oil and plenty of fresh, nutritious veggies from our own little garden – straight to your table! Special and restricted diet plans such as the ‘restricted weight loss’ diet only means that we would take extra trouble over your individual meal preparation! A variety of healthy juices and natural beverages supplement these meals.

Our Gym is seldom used as all our guests generally show a preference to using the walking track that leads around the property for exercise. Nevertheless our well maintained fitness equipment includes a Cross trainer, Circuit trainer, Exer-cycle, a selection of adjustable dumbbells and medicine balls. We are currently replacing our cycles with new ones. Customized individual Yoga sessions are also available, charged by the hour.

Our Library is old but well stocked with interesting reading material on Ayurveda, Kerala, Traditional India and various philosophical publications – both general and Yoga centric. It would be undergoing a quick renovation in a few weeks to upgrade the furniture, reading selection and a video library with a widescreen TV.

 Our Daily Evening Activities:
  • Talks on Ayurveda by the Doctors
  • Yoga Philosophy by our Yoga Acharya
  • Cooking classes for Ayurveda and Yoga diets
  • Visit to a pilgrimage temple nearby
  • Visit to a nearby village / City Tour
  • History Tour

We have 3 different kinds of accommodation. In ascending order of price they are:

  • Classic (rooms in a large house, with attached bathrooms)
  • Heritage (rooms in 18th and 19th century cottages, very atmospheric, with ensuite bathrooms)
  • Heritage suites.