AYUSH Package – India Ayurveda Yoga Retreat Karnataka

  • Duration
  • Euro 199 (Per Person) starting from
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Our treatments are twice as effective due to:

– Authentic Award Winning Ayurveda and Yoga therapies. We do not dilute treatments just to make them popular!
– Highly qualified and experienced doctor, yoga master and therapists
– Every program tailored to individual health needs.
– Very personal care and a non-commercial environment
– High quality treatments with the highest quality oils, food and herbs
– No Noise air or water Pollution. Hygienic place with pure clean mountain air and water
– No crowds or commercial factories or busy roads. Be completely one with Mother Nature

Our program includes:

1. Detailed Consultation and examination with our Ayurvedic Doctor on
arrival and determination of treatments and diet best suited for you.
2.Private Room/Cottage with private bathroom set in 30 acres of green tea plantations surrounded by healing eucalyptus forests. Nothing but nature and pure mountain air.
3.  Rejuvenation or Weightloss Ayurveda massage and/or Detox treatments as prescribed by physician
4.  2.5 hours Yoga and meditation for mental , emotional and physical health
5. Specially prepared Ayurvedic organic meals. We do not serve a buffet!

6.Daily Herbal bath after treatments.

7. Daily organic and freshly made Ayurveda herbal tonics.

08. Pure herbal water given throughout your stay (water from our own mountain spring infused with herbs) recommended by the doctor for each person!

A day at the retreat: (Individual Programs may vary)

6 am: Rejuvenate with Ayurveda herbal tonics made for you

6.30-7.45 am: Yoga Class. Awaken with the sun, breathing the pure mountain air. 

7:30-8:30 am: Nature Walk

8.30-10:00 am: Organic and freshly made special Ayurvedic breakfast with fresh fruits.

8:30-12:30 pm: One hour Ayurvedic massage/treatments

Early morning/afternoon: Daily rejuvenation / Detox Ayurvedic massage and treatments as prescribed by physician followed by Ayurvedic Herbal or Steam Bath
12.30pm – 1 pm: Weight loss Yoga session ( not mandatory for all )

1 pm – 2 pm: Organic and freshly made special Ayurvedic lunch.

2 pm – 3 pm: Various Activities depending on day (Ayurveda Cooking Class, Spiritual Class, Tea Factory Visit, Temple/Market Visit, Ayurveda  Class, etc.)

2 pm – 4 pm: Second Ayurveda Treatment

4 pm – 4:30 pm: Tea and Snacks

5pm – 6pm : Meditation

7 pm – 8 pm: Organic and freshly made special Ayurvedic dinner.

We serve a well balanced  three doshic & nutritious diet!

Early afternoon/ evening: Take a nature walk with us or alone and be one with nature. The retreat is located in the middle of miles of peaceful forests, waterfalls and perennial streams. The weather is sunny and pleasant most of the year. Ours is among the few health retreats in India that is located in a virtually uncrowned, unpolluted natural environment far from the crowds.

We have a very experienced Yoga teacher. We heal holistically by combining Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. These are some of the reasons we have won awards and are ranked Health Retreat for authentic Ayurveda & Yoga. You do not need to have any previous knowledge of Ayurveda or Yoga to experience this unique rejuvenation.

Air Route: US/Europe to Bombay to Coimbatore (or) Us/Europe to Chennai to Coimbatore

USA/Europe to Bangalore to Coimbatore

USA/Europe to Cochin to Coimbatore.

Note; You Can Travel to Our Retreat by Cab or Train if  You are Landing in Banglore or Cochin Airport. It’s Economical and Time-Saving.

If booking online, it is cheaper to book Europe to Chennai or Bombay AND then book the domestic flight from Chennai or Bombay to Coimbatore via your local travel agent or through us.

Places Of Interest And Things To Do Nearby:

– Mudumalai Tiger Safari/Sanctuary (see tigers, bison, elephants etc. in the WILD and in their natural habitat spread over hundreds of miles while riding an elephant or a jeep)
– Mysore Palaces & Forts (among the biggest in India), Island Bird Sanctuary, -Chamundi Hill Temples, World-renowned Brindavan Gardens, the largest monolithic statue in the world
– Explore Tea, Coffee and Spice plantations and waterfalls
– Cultural  trips for various Indian handicrafts, clothes, spices and essential oils

Package Include:

Rejuvenation program needs a minimum stay of 2 weeks.

(Yoga and Ayurveda Massage therapy is a component of all programs).

All Massages Are Given By 2 Therapists Simultaneously

Package exclude :

Transport, Add on to the treatment and excursion during the tour

Cost of the tour

Rates all inclusive of Accommodation, Ayurvedic meals, All Therapeutic Treatments, Consultation,  Ayurvedic Medicines, Yoga, Meditation and High Tea.

Please Bring Your Own Bathrobe And Towels.

 Complimentary Acupressure/Reiki, Activities, Use of Washer

On Sundays, we provide one Ayurveda treatment along with other activities.

For things to bring please visit our website

All Inclusive Rates & Packages Per Night – No Hidden Charges

 Deluxe  Room –  99 Euros    Single or  169 Euros Double Occupancy

 Deluxe Glass Room –  109 Euros  Single or 189 Euros Double Occupancy 

 Exclusive Glass Cottage –  129 Euros  Single or 229 Euros Double Occupancy

Exclusive Luxury Villa: 199 Euros Single or 369 Euros Double Occupancy  (own treatment room with big private balcony, kitchen, and many other facilities)

For Payment Through Bank Transfer Please Use The Following Details
By Bank Deposit/ Online Transfer: You Can Deposit Cash/ Cheque/ Dd In Any Of The Following Bank Accounts Payable At New Delhi (India)
Icici Bank Details
Account Title : Ntp Tourism Affairs Ltd
Account Number 000705004621
Branch Address: Phelps Building , Connaught Place , New Delhi-110001 (India)
Rtgs/Neft/Ifsc Code: Icic0006291
Swift Code: Icicinbbcts
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Account Title : Ntp Tourism Affairs Ltd
Account Number 12202560000897
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  • Paypal : You Can Send The Payment By Paypal On Op.Delhi@Nepaltourism.Net
  • Please Note : On Payment Through Credit Card 4% I.E. Transaction Charges Would Be Extra.
  • Online Payments : Cc Avenue (Transaction And Bank Charges Conditions Apply)

The Package of Ayurveda & Wellness Retreat in Ooty help you start a positive and energetic healthy lifestyle, by de-stressing/de-toxing through customized rejuvenating Ayurveda and yoga therapy.

Retreat is a physically, spiritually and mentally rejuvenating and regenerating experience which will return you healthy and totally renewed.

We are an award winning healing retreat located in the blue mountains of India. The retreat is located in the middle of miles of peaceful healing eucalyptus and silver oak forests, waterfalls, Blue Mountains, green tea plantations and perennial streams.

We immerse you in a positive environment to help you rejuvenate and heal. This is supplemented by healthy living guidance, healthy and wholesome diets, various positive and wholesome activities like Ayurveda Cooking and Diet Workshops, Organic Gardening, Nature walks, and many others.  We have miles of nature paths and places to walk, hike and trek.

The Retreat is situated in the Nilgiris –BLUE MOUNTAINS near Ooty eco preserve, one of the most natural and clean environments in the world.

We do not have mosquitoes, high humidity heat, dust, and pollution problems which are common in most parts of India.

Ours is one of the most rejuvenating, reviving and healing places you will ever visit.

The doctor will customize the Ayurveda and yoga rejuvenation program according to your health needs for maximum results and benefits.

1- Rejuvenation & De-Stress: For Relaxation and De-stressing with daily Ayurveda oil (Treatments) Different massages and rejuvenating yoga.

The goal of our programs is to help you establish a healthy routine so you can maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle even at home. Something unique about our retreat is that we limit occupancy to 18-20 people compared to most other places, which take more than 100 people.  This enables us to give much needed personal attention to every individual every day. We monitor progress daily, adapt and enhance treatments as necessary. We are a true healing center, not a commercial hotel or resort.