Brij Festival Bharatpur

TYPE Cultural
DURATION 02/02/2018 – 04/02/2018
LOCATION Bharatpur

Bharatpur is a popular of the states in Rajasthan which is founded by Maharaja Suraj Mal. The state was founded in 1733, which is situated in the Brij region. Bharatpur was earlier a walled city. It was also the capital of the Jats. The kingdom was ruled by Sinsinwar Maharajas. The states of Bharatpur, Dholpur and Deeg have an important role in the history of Rajasthan. Many fairs and festivals are held in the region, which are pretty famous. Brij Festival Bharatpur is one such festival which is also celebrated with much sound and semblance. An overview of the entire festival is given below.

About Bharatpur Brij Festival
The festival takes place during the month of March. It is celebrated a few days ahead before holi. This festival is also takes place in a grand, elaborate and colourful manner. Lord Krishna is worshipped during this festival. Various types of cultural festivals are also held. Bharatpur comes alive during this festival, the spirit of which can be felt.

Brij festival tour
When you visit Brij festival of Bharatpur, you can see people are brightly dressed. Men and women mostly wear colourful dresses and sing songs and create aura of Brajbhumi with radha and Krishna feel all around. One of the unique features of this festival is the Raslila Dance. In this dance, the entire love story of Radha and Krishna is shown. Men and women wear colorful dresses, depicting Radha and Krishna, and their associates. They also splash color on each other, which is popularly associated with the Krishna events. Tourists from far and wide visit this festival. This festival is also a festival of color, where people eat, drink and is at their merry self. Tourists who visit Brij festival in Baharatpur also take part in this festivity, which signifies the eternal love of Lord Krishna. The entire region looks colorful and the whole region gets feel of authentic festive mood.

Significance of Brij Festival Tour
The region reflects the true essence, spirit and culture of the region. The unique festival of Brij is celebrated by all people, which signifies unity and love. There is a Radha Krishna temple where people gather in the morning to offer prayers. Before that they take a dip in the holy water at the ghats of Banganga River. The worshipers believe that if you take in this water then you can get yourself purified. They believe that your soul gets purified by this holy dip.