Flamenco Gypsy Festival

TYPE Cultural
DURATION 18/03/2018 – 20/03/2018

Jodhpur Flamenco and Gypsy festival is one of the most popular and biggest events celebrated in Rajasthan. The prime objective of the festival is to maintain a connection between Rajasthan folk musicians and Flamenco (Spanish folk music) and gypsy artists from different parts of the world. Rajasthani folk musicians and Flamenco artists charm the city with their amazing shows.

The festival aims find to the routes that the nomadic gypsies of Rajasthan and Northern India took thousands of years. They also wish to find such artists who have gypsy background so that they can be brought back to the roots of their ancestry.

Jodhpur Flamenco and gypsy festival generates a platform for musicians and dancers where they can share and link-up their ideas through their artistic performances. The festival is like an opportunity for the desert people through whom they can represent the more modern look of desert music and dance.

The prime highlight of the festival is the electrifying performances given by several renowned Spanish Flamencos who team up with colourful folklores of Rajasthan. There are around 25 Rajasthani artists and 19 Spanish Flamencos turning the festival into great achievement.

Flocked by a number of tourists from India as well as abroad, the festival takes place in striking Meharangarh Fort in Jodhpur during the month of March or April. It is a three- day festival that starts with Rajasthani musical performances followed by International performances in evening. The event generally starts by 6:30 pm and continues till after-party that starts after 11:30pm. The Jodhpur Flamenco and gypsy festival offers you a great chance to witness the relationship between desert music and Flamenco music and gypsy culture.