Mewar Festival

TYPE Cultural
DURATION 09/04/2017 – 11/04/2017


Mewar Festival celebrated in Udaipur, India is a festival and is considered to welcome of spring. The festival is an integral part of the culture and tradition in Udaipur. People in various parts of Udaipur enthusiastically take part in this festival. The city is well decorated and colorful during this festival.

History of Mewar Festival
The story of Mewar Festival goes back to time when this part of India was ruled by the Sisodia dynasty. According to history, Maharana Udai Singh met a holy man while hunting. The holy man was meditating on a hill that provided a beautiful view of Lake Pichola. The man blessed the king and advised him to build a palace at the place. The king agreed to his advice and built the palace and founded the city.

Celebration of Mewar Festival
The celebration of Mewar Festival includes a number of practices, followed by the local people. They dress the images of Gangaur and Isar. It is followed by a procession that moves through the various parts of the city. As the procession reaches Lake Pichola, the images are taken on boats. The celebration of Mewar Festival also includes organizing a number of cultural events and activities. Dances, songs and cultural programs are also performed. The people of this region boast a joyous mood and enjoy every bit of the festival.