Medical Tourism Visa to India: Detailed Information

Indian with the rising number of healthcare qualified staff & Medical qualified doctors have taken a leap in the world . It has led to the Innovation on the medical platform with cost effective medical treatments and open boundaries encouraged by the Government authorities .All this have encouraged Medical Tourism bound to India

  • 2020-09-01

Covid-19: A Plan For Tourism To Outwear, Set To Motion, Bloom, & Blossom

For the tourism industry in India, it is not going to be a profession-as-usual and we will need to rework, re caricature, and reshape the business strategy by planning & working out a Healthier India that is SAFE India

  • 2020-08-09

Keyhole surgery in children

Keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery involves making small openings on the abdominal wall, usually no more than a few millimetres big. Through these openings special devices called ports are inserted that allow cameras and long instruments to be inserted into the abdominal cavity to enable the surgeon to perform the operation

  • 2020-08-02

Knee And Hip Replacement Joint Replacement

Total joint replacement is a surgical procedure where parts of an arthritic or damaged joint are removed and replaced with a metal, plastic or ceramic device called a prosthesis or implant. The prosthesis is designed to reproduce the shape and motion of the normal joint.

  • 2020-06-09

Common Eye Procedures

The eye is a very important sense organ of the body as it allows you to view the world. It is also a very delicate organ and needs good care. Eye diseases and injuries can be anything from minor allergies to grave issues which threaten the vision.

  • 2020-04-10

Things A Medical Tourism Patient Should Avoid

Medical tourism is a growing trend these days. The idea of getting medically treated, along with basking in the beautiful locales of foreign destinations at the same time can be exhilarating. This has begun to capture the fancy of people worldwide, with India as being amongst the most preferred destinations.

  • 2020-03-09

Support Request Doctors & Agents: NTP Healthcare Facilitation

NTP Healthcare is an integrated healthcare delivery service provider. The company is engaged in establishing, maintaining, operating, running, managing or administering hospitals, Medicare, healthcare, diagnostic, health aids and research centres in India. The company operates through the Medical & Clinical Support system.

  • 2019-08-13

Air Ambulance Service Of NTP Healthcare

At NTP Healthcare we have an ethos of facilitating best healthcare with global standards with no limitation of Regional boundaries. To achieve this goal we have created NTP Healthcare India, in coordination with the Hospitals & Air Ambulance Services in order to best facilitate and evacuate the patients from distant remote lands. We coordinate and ensure 24 x7 & 365 days of the year support system

  • 2018-05-16

Kidney Transplant Treatment

A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure to place or transplant a healthy kidney from a living or deceased donor also known as cadaveric donor into a person whose kidneys no longer function properly. It offers the best chance of recovery for patients with kidney disease.

  • 2017-01-09

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a common cancer type of cancer in men. In this cancer, the cells in the prostate gland begin to grow uncontrollably. Prostate is a walnut-sized gland present below the bladder in men, which produces a fluid that forms part of semen. The size of the prostate gland increases with age.

  • 2016-12-06