Post Covid19 Update

Diagnosing healthcare travel in a Post-Covid World

We don’t have a clear picture of how many people are coming because this is a totally new environment. The travelling behaviour is different, and there are changes in the way we do things.

Indian authorities are consistent in their communication and cooperation with authorities abroad to ensure that screenings are performed, ensuring the safety for both the patient, those who come in contact with the patient throughout the journey, as well as safety within the Indian borders.

On our part, the Indian authorities have prepared Covid-19 testing facilities and procedures as well as quarantine procedures, should the patient be found positive, to ensure continued prioritisation of safety for all.

While lockdowns are easing worldwide, travel restrictions are still in place for most countries. Also, sentiments regarding traveling abroad remain more or less low as consumers are still wary of traveling while there is still no vaccine for Covid-19.

One way around this is using technology as a possible bridge between patients overseas and doctors here. In countries where its healthcare system has been overwhelmed by the pandemic, patients have grown desperate in seeking medical attention elsewhere.

The pandemic has opened up talks about using technology for health consultations to reach out to these patients.

Among the most promising opportunities to grow and remain relevant is to move online and embrace the digital sphere.

During this unprecedented time, it is the digital world that has helped to keep us all connected.

Most healthcare providers in India who provide healthcare travel services have also embraced digital transformation and we strongly encourage them to continue maximising their digital platforms.

One of the big evolutions that we have seen during Covid-19 has been the growth of the telehealth industry.

Over the next five years, India healthcare will continue to focus on three key initiatives; establishing India’s identity as the fertility and cardiology hub of Asia, establishing India’s identity as the centre of excellence for oncology, and the Flagship Medical Tourism Hospital Program.

In line with being the World’s Healthcare Excellence, India will keep on improving its healthcare system to ensure that the country remains safe for all healthcare travellers with our renowned medical expertise, as well as stringent regulations and procedures in place,” Hemant K Sharma (CEO NTP) assured .

In the long run he further added -through these niche identities and key initiatives among many others, we believe India will be further propelled into the global landscape as the leading global destination for healthcare earning US$1 billion by 2025.”

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