Medipol Mega University Hospital

Medipol Mega University Hospital is one of the largest multi-disciplinary medical centers in Turkey. Medipol Mega Hospital attract enormous foreign investments resulting in the development of modern medical equipment being one of the top hospitals to apply the technologies of the latest generation.


Medipol Hospital is respected as the center for its new knowledge and healthcare innovation both nationally and internationally.


Medipol complex includes 4 centers, i.e. general surgery, cardiovascular surgery, oncology and dentistry. Medipol admits the patients from all over the world. Hospital has the capacity of 470 patient beds.


Emergency department can admit up to 134 patients, including general, coronary, KVC and neonatal emergency department.


All the departments are equipped by the intellectual systems and technologies. The new generation technologies are available at Medipol hospital enabling the conduction of the operations at the same time in 25 operating rooms.

Service and Security in Medipol Hospital

Medipol patients have access to over 60,000 m2 of the gardens, 26,000 m2 of the five-storied underground parking, 100,000 m2 covered premises and 1,500 members of the stuff. The Medipol patients and their guests are provided with the comfortable homelike environment. The patient may choose among 470 beds with spacy and modern private premises, as well as the garden superior suites with the terraces, suites and standard rooms. The hospital offers the high-quality nutrition. It is feasible to point out that Medipol University Hospital has its helipad, which can be used for the helicopters of the various tonnage enabling the transfer of the patient at the most emergency cases. Medipol Mega University Hospital has the security services operating 24/7 to provide the security for the business and the patients. All of the premises are equipped by the high-tech cameras CCTV, remote control switching system and the well-trained team of experts.

Medipol Mega University Hospital applies the medicine management system Pyxis Automated Dispensing System of such a character in the world. Pyxis Automated Dispensing System offers the complete automated process and safety by the synchronization with the medical data management system, i.e. from the pharmacy up to the medicine delivery to the patient. The system provides the safety of the patients by means of the automated control of the prescribed medicine title, patient’s name, dosage and the taking time. Every patient of Medipol Mega University Hospital has the online access to the tests results and personal data directly at their ward. The special system PACS applied at Medipol saves all the X-rays of the patient in the digital file to facilitate the comparison process and to exclude the risk of their damage or lost. Medipol applies the automated documentation and tests transfer enabling the rapid transfer of the data over the premises.