India Tourism Country Info

  • Currency: Indian rupee (Rs.)
  • Population: 1.252 billion
  • Time Zone: UTC+05:30
  • Area: 3.287 million km2
  • Capitak: New Delhi
  • Official Language: Hindi, English
  • Capital's calling code: +91

India is known for the Tourism, Culture & Ancient Civilization. We can see phenomenal growth in the past two decades, as the Ministry of Tourism is making all the efforts to establish India as a tourist and medical attraction.

India travels tourism has grown rapidly with a great influx of tourists from all across the globe who have been irresistibly attracted to the rich culture, heritage, and incredible the natural beauty of India. India tourism with its foggy hill stations, captivating beaches, historical monuments, golden deserts, serene backwaters, pilgrimage sites, rich wildlife, and colorful fairs capture the heart of every tourist. In addition, a variety of festivals, lively markets, vibrant lifestyle, and traditional Indian hospitality, will make your experience as an Indian tourist truly unforgettable and fantastic.

NTP India Tourism is making all the efforts to glorify lovely Indian states and discover closely the resplendent colors and rich cultural locales of this incredible land of a soulful treat. Our NTP India tourism guide provides you a glimpse of travel and tourism in India. India tourism information about south India tourism, north India tourism, and all the major tourist destinations, and tourism services of India. For more information about travel and tourism India and the tourism of India, please click on our brochures as below

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