Pushkar Fair

TYPE Cultural
DURATION 08/11/2020 – 15/11/2020

The spotlight of a desert holiday is turned on with the Pushkar Fair, scheduled from 8th November, 2020 to 15th November, 2020 in Pushar, Rajasthan. Also called the PushkarMela, this is the annual festival in the state of Rajasthan. During India travel, the Pushkar Fair can be your stop for eight days in 2020. It is perhaps the largest camel fair where livestock buying and selling is the integral activity. The colourful village life of Rajasthan becomes even more bustling with the competitions, folk dance, songs, and puppet shows. Taking place in Pushkar, over 50,000 camels are brought to the fair from part of the state and other Arabian countries. Camels are sold at exorbitant prices and especially for the winners of the Camel Beauty contest in Pushkar Fair.

About Pushkar Fair
Pushkar Fair popular as Pushkar Camel Fair, attract thousands of tourists in the month of November every year. In addition, a hot spot for the local people, the festival lasts usually for seven to ten days in the year. The “Matka Phod is the important highlight of the place that features many other bridal competitions. Recently, there is an extra feather added to the crown of the state. The Pushkar Lake side stands as the venue for the event where livestock including camels, goats, and cows exchanged. While the men remain engaged in trade, the women are shopping for their family or taking the kids to the entertainment center.

Highlights of Pushkar Fair
Selling of livestock is the highlight of the Pushkar Fair Rajasthan along with the various shows. Entertainment is unlimited with the rural crowd here gathering for the puppet shows, bridal competition, camel race, and dance events. The camel race takes place onm the very first day of the festival. The camel race, beauty contest, and other rural games mark the fair that has gained immense popularity among visitors. Entertainment over the years has turned up the spirits of the local rural crowd as well as the tourists coming to Rajasthan. From Arab nationals to domestic crowd engages in the shows and the dance performances that scores over any other ceremony in the region.