Travel Tips For Rajasthan

Traveling to Rajasthan in India is always a rewarding experience. The traditional atmosphere coupled with a spicy cuisine and colorful people make a trip to Rajasthan really memorable. But to make the best of your holiday at Rajasthan, make sure you follow certain rules and tips. Travel tips to Rajasthan are:

Tour Guide: the monuments in Rajasthan are strongholds of Indian and Rajput history. A trained guide is always recommended on your visit to the various places of tourist attraction in Rajasthan. A government licensed guide is recommended.

Best Time to Visit: summers are very hot in this desert state. The best time to visit is therefore between October and February.

Clothing: light cotton clothing in summer and woolens in winter. Winter nights can be chilling.

Food: Rajasthani cuisine is very spicy. However, if that doesn’t suit your system other cuisines are also available. Carry some food with you always, as you might not come across too many eateries on long sightseeing drives.

Water: Avoid drinking water outside. Carrying bottled mineral water is advised.

Temple decorum: shoes and pets are not allowed inside Indian Hindu temples. Some temples forbid the entry of people belonging to other religions. Do not violate these rules. Religion and worship still holds a special place and sentiment in India.

Money exchange: exchange currency only at banks or authorized money changers like Thomas Cook.

Emergency: police control room 100; fire station 101; ambulance 101.

Locks: lock your room and luggage carefully before going out and on train. Watch out for pick pockets.

Inform Hotel: inform your hotel about your whereabouts and phone number when you go out alone. If you have reservation, ask your hotel for transfer from the station or airport to save being misled.

Touts: beware of touts. Do not trust any stranger about hotel reservation or tickets.

Shopping: for the best deal and authentic products trust Government shops and emporia. Do not shop on the streets as you are most likely to be fooled if you are not aware of the price and quality thoroughly.

Smoking and drinking: smoking and drinking are not allowed everywhere. Follow the rules.

Drugs: carrying, purchasing or using drugs are prohibited in India by law.

Photography: photography is prohibited or prior to special permission at some places. Do not violate the rules.

Transport: buses, cars and trains are amply available.

Heritage Hotels: the heritage hotels in Rajasthan are fabulous. Try out at least one of them when you are here.

Palace on Wheels: this luxury train takes you from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer. Get on this train if you want to taste the royal Rajasthani experience.

History: brush up your knowledge of the history of Rajasthan before set foot on this historic place.
All said and done, pack your rucksack for a heady ride on your tour to Rajasthan. These travel tips to Rajasthan will help you enjoy you to your fullest without getting into any trouble.

Rajasthan Travel Guide
Rajasthan, the very name evoke images of bejeweled maharajas riding ornamented elephants, mighty forts and palaces, and stories of valor romance and chivalry.
“Aao Padharo Maaro Desh” (Come visit our country), with these promising words on the lips of every tour guide, travel in the vibrant state of Rajasthan feels a lot like absorbing the real essence of India. The land of sand dunes, legendary forts and luxury palaces, Rajasthan draws a large number of tourists from all over the globe. The forts and palaces depicting the enriching history of the various clans is the one half of Rajasthan, whereas the second one is all about the rural flavors of the state.
Endowed with different natural beauty and history, the cities of Rajasthan are famed for its architecture and city structure. From the ancient palaces of Jaipur to the sand dunes of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan has a treat for everyone. A haven for architectural lovers, Rajasthan houses some of the best structures of the world. The Amber Palace, Castle Mandawa, Fort Delawara, Hawa Mahal, City Palace in Udaipur, Khimsar fort, Jaisalmer fort and Ummaid Bhawan Palace are the few in the long list of archaeological marvels of Rajasthan.
Besides creations of the human civilization, Rajasthan is also acknowledged as a spiritual gateway. Be it the ancient temples of Mount Abu and Dilwara or the rare, yet sacred Brahma temples in Pushkar, Rajasthan gets a whole new range of pilgrims every year.

Through this travel guide of Rajasthan, explore the places to visit, things to do and activities in Rajasthan to familiarize yourself with the people, culture, cuisine, tourist attractions and shopping centers of Rajasthan and get a peek into the vibrant culture and rich history of Rajasthan.
Colorful and exotically varied, the culture of Rajasthan is one of the most important attractions for tourists planning a Tour to Rajasthan. A study of the Culture of Rajasthan is a definite pre requisite for planning your trip to Rajasthan. As varied as the topography of Rajasthan, often considered to be one of the most enigmatic provinces of India, a holiday in Rajasthan is made even more attractive by the varied enigma of the Rajasthani culture.

Culture of Rajasthan:
The culture of Rajasthan is today a curious and charming blend of the traditional aspects of the culture which Rajasthan has inherited from the ages gone by as well as the more modern influences which are today seeping into the culture, often seen to be one of the most traditional cultures in the world as well as that of the Hindu heart land.

The language that is most widely used in Rajasthan is the Rajasthani language, while the predominance of Hindi can also be observed in certain parts of the province. The language varies as we travel around the different districts of Rajasthan, with almost each and every district of the province exhibiting its own dialect as well as the addition of several new words. Striking and melodious, the Rajasthani language is a pleasure to listen to even to ears untrained in the language.

The music and dance of the different districts of the province is as varied as the different landscapes of the province, which also finds reflection in the various modes of folk songs and folk dances of Rajasthan. Many of these, like the Ghoomar Dance from Udaipur and Kalbeliya Dance of Jaisalmer have gained international repute today, which has helped in enhancing the position that the culture of Rajasthan enjoys in the world today. The songs of Rajasthani Culture reverberate all round this desert kingdom with its wide and varied repertoire of genres. Thus, the land echoes with the soulful bhajans of Meera Bai while the resonance of the nomadic tunes hummed by the gypsies haunt the golden sands of the desert late into the night.

The artist endeavor of the people of Rajasthan also plays an important role in the promotion of the Culture of Rajasthan, with several varieties of paintings, handlooms as well as handicrafts spreading the fame of the Rajasthani artisans not just in India but all around the world. Block Prints, Tie and Dye Prints, Bagaru Prints, Sanganer Prints as well as Zari Embroidery are some of the most notable examples of the art of Rajasthan, most of which have their origin in the History of Rajasthan.