Yoga Course

Self Cleansing course at Rishikesh and Dehradun (10 days Program)

We at NTP offer the basic course for the beginners or short time course which will last for 10 days. Students are taught basic information about Hatha Yoga, philosophy, way of yoga life & introduction of pranayama & meditation. Who wish to learn for their benefit & change their lifestyle in yoga–may come join this short courses offered by us every month NTP with the combination of Yogic Gurus and Retreats offer you a comprehensive and intensive journey into the techniques and tools needed for the art of teaching and living with the yoga.

NTP Yoga Program is conducted with the aim of best of holistic living and aim at leading a balanced life style with the family and community by guiding them . India has essence of Yogic life style in its system and culture so it is easy to imbibe and lead the program with the combination of Yoga and Ayurveda (Introduction) . We have designed the program for the beginners and the retreat concept in order to ensure the self healing of the mind , body and soul with the 4 Yogic Kriyas


Asanas are the physical movements of yoga practice and, in combination with pranayama or breathing techniques constitute the style of yoga referred to as Hatha Yoga. In the Yoga Sutra, Patanjali describes asana as a “firm, comfortable posture”, referring specifically to the seated posture, most basic of all the asanas.

A.Sitting Postures / Meditative Postures
B.Standing Postures
6. Kati Chakrasana
7. Trikonasana (Variation 1 – 4 )
C.Balancing Postures
8. Padangusthasana
D.Twisting Postures
11. AsthaVakrasana
12. ShavaUdarakarshanasana
E.Forward Bend Postures
F.Back Bend Postures
18. Usthasana
G. Dynamic Postures

22.Surya Namaskar
H. Relaxing Postures

Pranayama (Sanskrit: प्राणायाम) is a Sanskrit word meaning “extension of the praṇa or breath” or “extension of the life force”. The word is composed of two Sanskrit words: prana, life force, or oted particularly as the breath), and ayāma, to extend or draw out. (Not “restrain, or control” as is often translated from yam instead of ayama). It is a yogic discipline with origins in ancient India.

1. NadiShodhana
2. AnulomaViloma
3. Bhastrika
4. Kapalbhati

Despite all its popularity, today very few of us truly know what meditation is. Some regard meditation is the mental concentration on something, others consider that we meditate when we imagine something that gives us peace or satisfaction. All these methods are being with one goal to slow down and, eventually, completely stop the incessant activity of our minds. These exercises are not really meditation they are substitutes for meditation because it is normally very difficult to stop our minds all-together. In reality, meditation is a state of thoughtless awareness.

1. OM Meditation
2. Mantra Chanting Meditation
3. Soham Meditation
4. Shiva Meditation

Mantra Chanting
A combination of certain codified sounds is a mantra. The correct chanting of mantras under the guidance of the siddha (Guru) brings about manifestation of thoughts and desires, and even of devs and devis.

1. Ganesha Mantra (Guru Mantra)
2. Mritunjaya Mantra (Santhi Mantra)
3. Gayatri Mantra (SanthoshamSanthi Mantra)

Yoga Philosophy
The Main Philosophy Of Yoga Is Simple: Mind, Body And Spirit Are All One And Cannot Be Clearly Separated. Yet There Is A Multitude Of Philosophical Ideas Developed By Looking Into The Deeper Dimensions Of The Body, Mind And Spirit.

1. Yogic Philosophy.

I. Description Of Nadis.
Ii. Chakras.

2. Yogic Philosophy.
Iii. Pancha (Five) Pranas.
Iv. Five Sheaths Of Bodies.
V. Effect Of The Yogi Practice.

3. Yoga Sutra.

I. Introduction Of Yoga.
Ii. Ashtanga Yoga.

Mudhra Bandha
Bandha’ Is A Term For The “Body Locks” In Hatha Yoga, Treated Under The Heading Of Mudra. Specific Bandhas Are: Mula Bandha, Contraction Of The Perineum,Uddiyana Bandha, Contraction Of The Abdomen Into The Rib Cage,Jalandhara Bandha, Tucking The Chin Close To The Chest,Maha Bandha, Combining All Three Of The Above Bandhas.

1. Moola Bandha
2. Uddiyana Bandha
3. Jalandhar Bandha
4. Maha Bandha

Ayurveda Or Ayurvedic Medicine Is A System Of Traditional Hindu Medicine Native To The Indian Subcontinent. Contemporary Practices Derived From Ayurvedic Traditions Are A Type Of Alternative Medicine. Ayurveda Is A Discipline Of The Upaveda Or “Auxiliary Knowledge” In Vedic Tradition. The Origins Of Ayurveda Are Also Found In The Atharvaveda,Which Contains 114 Hymns And Incantations Described As Magical Cures For Disease.

1. Basic Of Ayurveda & Definition Of Health
2. The 3 Doshas And Prikriti (Part 1)

Anatomy & Phisiology Of Yogi Practice
Yoga Physiology Are The Descriptions Of The Human Body, Its Layers, And The Energy Channels Running Through It Used In Various Yoga Systems.

1. Respiratory Systems
I. Anatomy And Respiratory Of Physiology System
Ii. Effect Of Yoga Practices And Physiology Of Pranayama

2.Skeleton Systems
I. Anatomy And Biomechanics Of Joints
Ii. Safe Way Of Adjustments And Modifications Of Asanas

Yoga Schedule

Time Schedule
5.00am Wake Up And Light Tea
6.00am – 7.00am Pranayama & Meditation
7.00am – 8.30am Hatha Yoga Asanas
9.00am Breakfast
10.00am – 11.00am Theory Class/ Lecture Class (Satsang/ Mantra Chanting/ Teaching Methodology)
11.00am – 1.00pm Lunch Break
1.00pm – 3.00pm Yoga Philosophy/ Yoga Therapy/ Yoga Anatomy/ Ayurveda
3.00pm – 4.00pm Practicum – Student’s Teaching
4.00pm – 5.30pm Ashtanga Yoga / Hatha Flow Vinyasa
5.30pm – 6.00pm Tea-Break
6.00pm – 7.00pm Meditation
8.00pm – 9.00pm Dinner & Rest
9.00pm – 10.00pm Self-Study & Homework
10.00pm Light Off

Apply Yoga Course

1300$ Per Person On Sharing Basis
$1800 Per Person On Single Share
Dates 16 Feb 2018 -26 Feb 2018
28 March – 8 April 2018

– Self Healing And Training Package (50 Hrs) Indian Certified Acharya Ashirwaad Certified Package
27 Feb 2018 – 08th March 2018

Ayurveda And Training Course -50 Hours 11 Days Module

Rishikesh Ayurveda Program Is Professionally Managed And Administered By The Team Of Training And Research Professionals , Ayurveda Gyan And Treatment Teacher , Qualified Team Of Doctor And Therapist . We Offer Special Program For The Non Medical As Well As Health Professionals In Ayurvedicpanchkarma Therapy And Yogic Way Of Life With A Balanced Approach Where All The Programs Are Geared Up To Varied Levels Of Trainings

Schedule Is Planned As Follows

Daily Schedule 

07:00 To 8:30 Am Morning 
Yoga And Meditation Class 

9:00 To 10:00 Am

10:30 To 12:00 Noon
Ayurveda Lecture – Syllabus Details, Downwards. 

12:00 To 1:00 Pm

1:00 To 3:00 Pm 
Free Time (Rest Or Visit Ashrams, Ganges River, Jungle Walk, Rafting Down The Ganges, Temples, Market Sight Seen Etc.) 

3:00 To 5.00 Pm
Practical Class – According To Syllabus 

5:00 To 6:30 Pm
Ganga Aarti At Parmarth (Fire Ceremony At Ghat Of Ganges With Gurukul Students& Beautiful Songs. 

7:00 To 8:00 Pm

8:00 Pm
Go For Self Study And Sleep Overnight

Dates Theory (10.30 To12.00 Noon) Practical (3.00 5.00 Pm) Yoga (7.00 To 8.30 Am)
Day 1 Ayurveda History Ayurveda Head Massage Demo-Ayurveda Head Massage And Practice Yoga For Vata
Day 2 Ayurveda Basic Principles, Tridosha Theory Abhayanga Demo – Ayurveda Head Massage And Shirodhara Yoga For Pitta
Day 3 Surface Anatomy Prakriti Evaluation(Vata, Pitta, Kapha) Demo Abhaynaga (Whole Body Oil Massage And Practice) Yoga For Kapha
Day 4 Panchkarma – Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Food Demo Abhaynaga (Whole Body Massage And Practice) Pranayama For Vata
Day 5 Ayurveda Way Lifestyle, Food Intake Nasyam, Karma Pooran Demo – Face Massage, Nasyam (Nasal Treatments), Karnapooran (Ear Treatment) Pranayama For Pitta
Day 6 Cause Of Disease In Ayurveda (Ama And Agni ) Patra Pinda Treatment Demo – Patra Pindaswedana (Fresh Herbs Bundle Heat Massage) Pranayama For Kapha
Day 7 Ayurveda Herbs In Daily Life Ayurveda Oils Making Herbal Oil For Massage Meditation
Day 8 Abhaynagabasti Preparation And Application Demo – Medicinal Plants In Herbal Garden Medicinal Plant Study
Day 9 Panchkarma And Its Importance Demo- Netra Tarpana (Eye Treatment), Kati Basti Ayurveda Consultation
Day 10 Questions/Answer/Examination Certificates Closing

Us$1100 (Includes Teaching And Training, Certificate, Accommodation, Indian Sattvic Meals, Yoga And Meditation Class)

Certificate Will Be Provided After Successful Completion Of Course By Our Acharya Shriji Certification Signatures )

Our Usp
  • We Are Pioneer With Yogic Kriya And Dharma Chalan And Chanting Yoga
  • Our Guruji Has Accomplished His Sadhna By Virtue Of Delivery System And Satvik Lifestyle
  • Training Is Done In Combination With The Health Doctors
  • We Form Small Groups For The Personalized Understanding And Know How ?
  • Our Training Curriculam Include Lectures Of Practical Training , Personalized Demonstration And Therapies , Techniques Of Training , Ayurvedic Therapies And Self Training Techniques
  • Economical Fees
  • There Are No Extra Charges For Oil Or Herbs During Practice
  • Overall And Excellent Ambiance And Good Work Group
  • 10-15% Discount On The Ayurveda Rejuvenation Treatments

Special Certificates And Degree Can Be Added With The Practical In Order To Certify The Program

Courses Offered By Ntp Education Team Through Distance Learning

Aim To Offer These Courses 

For Indians Only (Distance Learning Recognised By Uttarakhand Open University, Nainital)

  • To Provide Panchakarma Therapy To Foreigners And Indians As Panchakarma Therapist In Hospital Of Panchakarma, Spa, Resorts And Health Centres In Guidance Of Ayurveda Expert Doctors.
  • To Aware Local And Foreigners By These Natural Ayurveda System Of Ancient Medicine, Yoga And Naturopathy & Ayurveda Herbs.
  • To Create Legal And Govt. Certified Ayurveda Panchakarma Technician Trained By Ayurveda Doctors.
  • To Create Legal And Govt. Certified Ayurveda Massage Therapist By Trained By Ayurveda Experts.
  • To Create Degree And Diploma Holder, Govt. Certified Yoga And Naturopathy Doctors And Therapist Trained By Ayurveda Physician

Diploma Course

  1. Diploma In Panchakarma Assistant (10+2 Any Stream, Fee Us$ 500 – 1 Year)
  2. Diploma In Yoga And Naturopathy (10+2 Any Stream, Fee Us$650 – 1 Year)
  3. Diploma In Public Health And Community Nutrition

Post Graduate Course

  1. M.A. Yoga And Holistic Health (Graduation With Art, Fee $200 Per Year – 2 Year)
  2. M.Sc. Yoga And Holistic Health (Graduation With Science, Fee Fee $200 Per Year – 2 Year)

Certificate Course

  1. Certificate In Ayurvedic Beauty Care (High School, Fee $150 – 6 Month)
  2. Certificate In Ayurvedic Masseur (High School, Fee $150 – 6 Months)
  3. Certificate In Ayurvedic Herb Cultivation (High School, Fee $200 – 6 Month)
  4. Certificate In Yogic Science (10+2 Any Stream, Fee $200 – 6 Months)
  5. Certificate In Ayurvedic Food And Nutrition (High School, Fee $200 – 6 Months)
  6. Certificate In Naturopathy (10+2 Any Stream, Fee $150 – 6 Months)

These All Courses Are Approved By Govt. Of Uttarakhand And Private Indian University And Affliated By Uttarakhand Open University, Nainital. Uk. Admission Starts For Summer Session – July 16 To Sept 20, For Winter Session Dec 15 To Feb 16.

Yoga Therapy Power Course To Cure Ailments

True Yogic And Naturopath Kriyas Combined With The Alternative Medicine Hospitals And Doctors – Helps In Curing Ailment From The Root And Tranqalize The Mind , Body And Soul With Yogic Kriyas And Ayurvedic Massage

The Most Important Benefit Of Yoga Is Its Application To The Current Centric Medications I.E., Relieving Stress , Invigoration , Fatigue And Vitality And Its Relaxation Therapy Affects For Anti Aging Properties

In Common Cases Most Of The People Come To Yoga When Other Medicines Do Not Give Satisfactory Result And Also For Psychosomatic Ones – Yoga Therapy Has Remedy For These Patients
The Yoga Way Of Life And Health : This Approach Of Health Approaches The Disease In A Different Way Than The Medical Science . Yogic Way Tries To Isolate The Pathogenic Factor , A Toxic Substance Of Body , Microorganism And A Metabolic Disorder – In Order To Curb The Disease , But The Same Fails If We Fail To Touch The Root Cause . Yoga On The Other Hand Touch The Way Of Life And The Entire Personality Of The Patient Without Negating The Scientific Aspect . Hence Yoga Believes That There Is Something Much More Than The Ailment Because Ailment Does Not Come On Its Own. Hence Wellness And Way Of Life Is Treated In Order To Curb The Ailment I.E., Yoga Reach The Root Instead Of Concentrating Only On The Pathogenic Factors .

Yoga Focus On The Complete Being I.E., Personality : Yoga Therapy Focus On Forming An Inner Balance Through Various Mediums Hard And Soft . At Various Levels Varying Mediums Are Used Like Postures (Asanas) ,Kriyas (Cleansings) , Breathing (Pranayamas) , Possitive Thinking And Meditation . The Second Line Of Therapy Is Work And Focus On Mind I.E.E, Mental Disturbance , Anxiety , Stress And Confusion – The Most Important Factors For Mind And Disease . Hence The Emphasis Is Given On The Various Techniques That Relax And Create Positive Energy And Gradually Reach The Inner Conscious Soul Through Cleansing Mediums Of Relaxations , Mantra Chanting , Visualization And Positive Way Of Life . There Are Several Technical Combinations Adopted Combining All Levels And Way Of Life In Order To Encourage The Inner Force .If He Gains Success The Results Are Amazing . Most Important Yoga Therapy Runs With The Nature And Way Of Life And Has No Results Beyond /Against It.

Yoga Therapy And Its Support In Healing : It Has Its Beginning With The Fundamental Principle Yoga . Yoga Has A Belief That Prana Or Force / Energy Is Missing Either In The Whole Body Or Part –Hence Resultant Leads To Lower Vitality And Vulnerability To Infection. The Logic Of This View Is Centred With The Spine Since That Is The Prime Force Of Flow Of Energy In The Body, Any Misalignment Of The Vertebrae Affects The Energy To The Organs And In Such Cases Organs Fail To Perform At The Desirable Level And If Prolonged Disease Arise . Many Such Yoga Postures Helps In Relieving And Revitalizing The Spine And Realign The Vertebrae.

Session Summary : A Session Helps In Establishing Connection Between The Teacher/Yogic Guru And The Patient Which Helps In Better Understanding Of The Root Cause And Remedial Routine Lifestyle Practices . Once The Connection Is Established We Begin With The Pranayamas (Breathing) And Once The Relation Is Established Other Levels Are Followed – We Have Therapy Of Trust Treatment Cured Several Such Ailments Like – Healing Affects Of Yoga , Asthma , Respiratory Problems – Bronchitis And Emphysema , High Blood Pressure , Pain Management , Back Pain , Meditation , Self Awareness , Arthritis , Yoga & Weight Reduction , Anti Ageing (To Remain Young Forever) , Yoga And Sex , Yoga And Insomnia .

Yoga Therapy Focus On The Holistic Approach Of Life With New Lifestyle , Way Of Thinking And Living In This World And Also Ensures Healing And Balanced Approach By Improving And Gaining Good Heath I.E.E, Clinically Verified. However One Of The Most Important Aspect Is It Has Application For Relieving Fatigue , Stress , Vitality , Invigoration And Anti Aging Properties And Overall Relaxed Therapy And Enhances The Body Metabolic System By Reducing Fat , Brings Charm On The Face And Eyes Sparkle Like Diamonds . The Practitioner Looks Handsome And Voice Become Sweet With Pious Thoughts And Energy Emerging Out .

The Modules Are Planned Very Intensively With A Flexible Yogic Structure Keeping In Mind All The Yogic Formalities Like Bhakti Yoga , Jnana Yoga , Karma Yoga & Raj Yoga Leading To Integrated Yoga. Each Module Is Attended Independently And Certificates Are Issued Independently

Muscular And Skeletal System Of Body 7-8 Days (Anatomy And Physiology)

Lower Back , Pelvis And Lower Limb
Cervical And Spine , Anatomy Of Breath And Limb (Upper Limb)
Internal Medicine And Breathing Trouble
Sequencing , Physiology And Anatomy Related To Breath , Cardiovascular And Respiratory Disorders
Ayurveda , Pranayama , Digestive /Neurological /Immune And Harmonal System

3 .Mind /Psychiatry And Psychology

– Depression , Addictions
– Anxiety And Stress

Integration Module
Doing Case Studies On Various Theme Related Topics

Every Module Aims At Learning And Opportunities Related To The Specialized Paper I.E., Focusing On In Depth Programs To Address All The Concerns .

Core Teaching Method
Introduction To Ayurveda And Yogic Lifestyle

Balanced Eating Habbits
Right Education With Possitive Thinking

Focus On The Core Areas
Yogic Practice
Physiology Of Human Body
Correct Postures
Physiology Of Voluntary And Involuntary Activities
Systematic Biological Clock And Human Anatomy

Various Applications Are Carried Through Yogic And Ayurvedic Work Outs On Human Body
Modules Of Ayurveda
Modules Of Yoga (Panchkosha Module)

Combined With Non Core Subjects To Guide Way Of Life
– Vedic Chanting
– Gita And Gyatri Mantra Chanting
– Breathing (Pranayama), Asanas And Meditation
– Yogic Games (Krida Yoga)

Pricing Of The Above Program Can Be Planned According To The Ailment And Choice Of Hospital Calculations .